vertical_solution_PPLearn to connect consciously with your Soul and infuse its energy, consciousness and life into your personality:

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Learn to transform stress, fear and conflict into ecstatic friendliness and love:

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Learn to transform the causal basis of conflict through the non-dual love power of the Soul:

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Learn to open your heart through joy to Love~Awareness and the ecstatic beingness of the Soul:

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Transform the subconscious causes of conflict in your life, into ecstatic Love~Awareness and causal non-dual peace:

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Learn to transform the subconscious causes of stress in your life, ecstatic self satisfied non-dual peace and wisdom:

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Develop a truly intentional conscious loving relationship as you learn to love as the soul:

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Heal your inner-child with non-dual soul energy and unfold permanent soul child freedom:

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Learn to joyfully transmute stress and desire into non-dual self satisfied ecstasy and share greater love:

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