The School of Love~Awareness Blog a the discussion / blog forum for causal transformations in conflict and stress. It is a venue where the concept of Love~Awareness, its nature, energy and expression, etc can be discussed in relation to other concepts, methods, practices, considered to be solutions to the conflict, stress-ignorance consciousness that the world is slowly awakening to deal with more consciously.

As transition to a world of peace, where alternative approaches have emerged due to crisis, unfolds, there will be a need to be a lot more conscious in terms of what is what and why it is what it is.

In the same way that the world today is a result of our thoughts of yesterday, both as individuals and a collective, and therefore given that we must change our thoughts, our consciousness in order to change the world we live in. Even so, as things do change, there could be more joy and beingness for all of us, the more consciously we engage with change. The more consciously we deeply see into the nature of things and the potential and nature of the changes we consider to be wise.

Responsibility and leadership in our lives are always required, wisdom or rather awareness is that quality which qualifies the inherent potencies of responsibility and leadership, even as action results from thought and deliberation. Therefore contemplate with awareness and discernment will reveal greater life.

More information about what Love~Awareness is, how consciousness works, practices to unfold awareness~love specifically through which the problems of conflict and stress-ignorance can be causally transformed can be found here: www.schoolofloveawareness.com

This blog is a forum for sharing experience, comment and discussion, and emergence of community and consciousness.

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