How does Meditation work?

Meditation is knowledge through love. The practice of meditation is a fundamental tool which helps one to integrate all of one’s being and all of one’s life into a whole creative endeavour. The science of meditation is explained in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras ……

What is the psychology of soul realisation?

The cultivation of perception, or soul, as a solution for the dissolution of social hostility. It is human and inevitable that, with the transmigration of peoples, cultural displacements and the problem of basic needs not being met, that certain social stresses and conflicts arise which further compound the standard power structure of existing conflicts.…..

Violet Diamond Practices

Violet Diamond Practices transform stress and suffering at a causal level into ecstatic happiness through the energy of joy used in specific transpersonal meditations. Stress is a dualistic dynamic. Stress is tension. Tension can only exist between two poles. Two poles in relation to each other are dualistic. Therefore, the primary nature of stress is duality……


In Meta-Tantra the joy of wisdom distilled in Violet Diamond Tantra is sublimated into the cultivation of ecstatic friendliness and loving awareness through a synthesis with Soul~Loving meditation. Due to the reflective dynamic of the consciousness field, this in turn becomes reflected back at the practitioner in a social context causing one to experience yet greater levels of joy and love interpersonally……

Inner-Child Soul Healing

Inner child Healing is a way of not only recovering a loving connection and relationship with the inner-child and healing any wounds. It is more than this, it is a way of reconnecting the soul to the inner child and bringing him/her authentic perception of the causality of the personal childhood. Whether wounded or not this level of meta-perception in the inner-child allows him/her as well as the adult self, to understand the causal blueprint for the whole life……

Subconscious Stress ~ Wisdom transformation

Un-wisdom is the momentum and history of the undiscerning relationship of human senses with the objective world. For aeons man has tried to grasp that which slips through his hands. Has tried to render permanent that which is destined to change. This he undertakes because he doesn’t see the true nature of things clearly and in this lack of discernment proceeds to chase the world of the senses. As he becomes attached to his possessions, and as they change he experiences stress and becomes angry and then sad……

Subconscious Conflict ~ Peace Transformation

Most of the stress and conflict experienced in the world today, as the normative paradigm, is the momentum of un-wisdom. Many people carry around with them typical conflictual ways of being, experiences and energies in their subconscious minds. Such unprocessed conflict and pain acts as a magnet for further negative experience of a similar quality and is also a major drain of ones creative energy, holding one in similar qualities of experience…….

Financial Crisis !  ……. New Economy

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