The way that can be spoken is not the eternal way, but for those who can read, signs can be read

Long past are the days when the sublime poetry of a finger pointing at the moon or its refection in water were common Asiatic motif to lead conceptual awareness to a higher or finer level. Even Alan Watts is unknown to many and a distant memory to others.

Wisdom today comes in many shapes and forms, in fact everything is wisdom today and also nothing is wise today! Its all perfect in its imperfect perfection, unfolding self inquiry with full licence. Perfect, through extreme synthesis we are approaching a quantum velocity of our own innate momentums and will reach a singularity at a now definable future point in time and space. Probably soon. Will we survive? Well, did anyone ever get out alive anyway, but then again, did anyone ever really die …. questions.

duality today is the quintessential quality of today’s egoistic campaign, which ego is also good and bad and ugly enough to do what is says on the instructions which is facilitate a vehicle for the beautiful seasons we call our lives. Duality is a fact, it is all that is and then it is also a dream, a perfect dream in its imperfect perfection which is the path we all inquire on, the prayer matt we are all born and die on, dream on, migrate on and then never even touch either!

non duality, also paradoxically real but maybe more real than wisdom and ignorance by its transcendence of all polarised dualities. The silent space of space wherein the supra-subtle magnetic goddess holds Shiva’s electric light in her Yoniverse, within which Logoi-gasmic epiphany, the voice of silence awaits us, each and everyone alike, through the eye of the Bindu, eternal divinity, at some time or other as our ripeness unfolds.

The way today, then, is the same as it ever is, to fit a camel through the eye of a needle; which wisdom and which practices, which paths can I carry on that camel …… questions, questions.

Some precious gems:

Less is more.

Love all, all day long, every day: you are love and that is one fast way to Self realisation.

Become centered in the heart daily and contemplate who you really are.

Consider that you are One and have chosen to split yourself into filaments of light-consciousness in order to have the agency to pursue desire, which in its sport and realisation is but and was always but, a mere refraction of that greater Self you are.

Blessings as we enter into the seasons of stillness. Om Tat Sat Nam