Nīlalohita Mani Tantra

One Book Finishes another one begin…. Editing has been completed on the first School of Love~Awareness publication, ‘Toward an Integrally Humane Sociology. Which is available on our main site _www.schoolofloveawareness.com_ Whilst the inevitable post edit editing continues, from the flames and ashes of that project a phoenix rises:

Nīlalohita Mani Tantra (Violet Diamond Tantra) unfolds a path of spiritual tantra which embraces the root of suffering and the apex of liberation in one transcendent yet embodied embrace, making the ineffable formatively immanent within our elemental bodies. The Violet Diamond path unfolds transpersonal contemplative practices which include, Violet Diamond Heart Practice, Violet Diamond Tantra, Violet Diamond Laya tantra and Violet Diamond Space Clearing. In this practical volume these practices, each through 3 levels of integral development are discussed in practical and spiritual terms, with reference to the everyday issues we face as human beings, the transcendent core of our spiritual Self as humanity and in context to the tapestry and continuum of tantra both new and old. Drew has been researching, developing and teaching this Tantra from the super mundane spiritual planes within through to the mundane stage of events for 30 years. Available soon….


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