Why do we hate so much?

One looks around the world today and sadly there is more hate than love. Why is that? What drives us to hate others? The answer as usual is love and the answer is within.

If we do not care for our own self then we will treat other people accordingly to that standard we set for ourselves. Its a very simple equation. If we fall out of love with ourselves we become broken and angry and in turn express that frustration toward others. The reality of this problem, however simple, is sadly so prevalent in our world today due to the proliferation of the idea of self hate in so many subtle ways through media, and the inference that it is ‘cool’, normal, trendy, etc, to treat ourselves in certain ways which are actually not healthy and in turn treat others the same way.

It would not hurt us to turn off the television of Internet once in a while and look within our own hearts for meaning and take stock of our inner life rather than chasing virtual phantoms. Few of us do this though and our usual complaint is that we just don’t have the time. This is another lie of course which we tell ourselves in order not to face the truth that our castles are built of sand and the labels on our cloths mean essentially nothing. Of course we have the time, the question is do we have the ego to choose love? And if we do, can we face the simple truth that it starts with us. As the late and great Mr. Jackson said, ‘I am starting with the man in the mirror’ and thats as simple as it is, we need to address ourselves where we are today and begin at that point. Every journey starts with one step, but its better to be on that journey than standing still.

If we fail to heal our inner relationship with love and move toward greater degrees of self hate we will tend toward legitimising our hatred of others. If we look into the world today it is clear that there are those who have gone to extremes in this sense of self hated legitimising inhuman levels of predation upon others. It is sad to see the human species acting in more murderous and contemptuous ways than dogs or rats, and it all starts with self hate. Love starts with self love.

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The war of all against all

The war of all against all is a war of ego against ego….but what is that? Is the ego bad, is it a mistake, why must it fight? The ego itself is nothing but the ability to focus, like the aperture of a camera it focuses on and identifies with whatever is in the field of its vision. The ego is not bad or a mistake, what’s at issue is our mistaken use of it. If we allow ourselves to identify with me and mine, we crystallise the fear upon which the war of all against all is based.

It is a war of choice and if we ‘choose’ we can create peace, but we must choose. It is the ego itself which chooses love. Only the ego can choose love. It is an egoistic statement to choose love not war, whereas it is a wanton and unconscious act to choose the default line of least resistance in the me and mine scenario.

The ego is not bad, it is our understanding of what it is. If we don’t use it then it will continue to use us and we will blame it and call it bad even though we let it control our lives. If we use it consciously, through developing its skills of focus through the practice of meditation, then we will gain a mastery of the ego, of ourselves and in so doing be able to choose love rather than war. The ego is both the problem and the solution. We live in an age of ego because it is the lesson we need to learn and are learning rather slowly, unconsciously and at greater expense.

Through the practice of meditation we can gain control of our ability to focus, to identify and dis-identify, to love and share. Through the science of meditation these and other capacities unfold naturally, but through the practice of Atma Surya and Atma Prema -soul connection meditation and causal conflict resolution practices- of The School of Love~Awareness, the ego uses specific transpersonal structures of Self realisation, loving and sharing, whilst developing its latent abilities. But how many of us will have the arrogance and ego to choose such a practice?! That will be the question. How much easier it is for the ego to choose to polarise itself religiously in juxtaposition to other religious egos, and justify its wars as somehow holy, or to engage in any one of many new age groups which have become as religious as religions.

If we can identify and dis-identify, witness as well as be engaged in love, then maybe we can become collectively human rather than religiously divided. If we can understand the core of our fears, including our fear to know, think, speak and choose the truth, then maybe more of us will choose love rather than the religious dogma of spiritual facades bereft of human soul. This remains to be seen and can be seen very clearly for those honest enough to care, in the statistics of how those of us in the privileged areas spend our time and resources on entertainment, elitism, neglect and folly, rather than the arrogance of choosing love. It is not the ego which is a problem, it is our lack of ego. Only the weak pursue agendas of fear, for the strong such things are not necessary. If we could strengthen our egos and choose love, we would end war.

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