Love Awareness is The Answer to The World Crisis


The thief left it there

There in the window

The shining moon


                                                                                            -Ryokan, Zen Master.

In the current world crisis, the pace of change is so fast that heads spin. Committees are formed and networks fashioned with algorithmic supra speeds. But will this help if there is no improvement in the level of awareness with which we ‘all’ allowed the problems of today’s world to unfold?

Ryokan, returning to his simple hut one night, found that a thief had broken in, through the unlocked door and stolen, his simple bowl. Seeing the moon and its fullness punctuating the fullness of nature and her gift, he wrote these simple lines to express the nonsense constituted of a lack of awareness. It, this world, this life, is a great gift, but without awareness, we can run like mad drunken fools, missing the point and stealing that which has already been given for free. (no reference whatsoever to the London riots intended)

Awareness is a door. A door of perception. We can enter a world of plenty, of perfect benevolent design, of beauty replete with all the resources we need to live beyond even contentment. Or we can wait on the threshold, facing the other direction and miss the point.

This world is perfect, but in our free will and self determination, we have allowed / created a crisis.

We, through our thoughts and perceptions have created this.

The world we exist in today is a result of the thoughts of yesterday. Every one of us gives to the fabric of our collective consciousness which superimposes our human world upon an already perfect system. If we want to create real change, and change for the better, then we had better change the quality of thought and perception with which we led ourselves to the current impasse.

Awareness must become a part of the equation, a part of our practice. We must learn to listen more than mimetically concede and follow pop psychologies inferred algorithmic rhetoric.

Awareness is the vehicle through which we can perceive the real solution.

There is always change in a world whose nature is change. Nations rise and fall, histories are written and re-written. But real change begins with real awareness. The question then, what is awareness?