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The way that can be spoken is not the eternal way, but for those who can read, signs can be read

Long past are the days when the sublime poetry of a finger pointing at the moon or its refection in water were common Asiatic motif to lead conceptual awareness to a higher or finer level. Even Alan Watts is unknown to many and a distant memory to others.

Wisdom today comes in many shapes and forms, in fact everything is wisdom today and also nothing is wise today! Its all perfect in its imperfect perfection, unfolding self inquiry with full licence. Perfect, through extreme synthesis we are approaching a quantum velocity of our own innate momentums and will reach a singularity at a now definable future point in time and space. Probably soon. Will we survive? Well, did anyone ever get out alive anyway, but then again, did anyone ever really die …. questions.

duality today is the quintessential quality of today’s egoistic campaign, which ego is also good and bad and ugly enough to do what is says on the instructions which is facilitate a vehicle for the beautiful seasons we call our lives. Duality is a fact, it is all that is and then it is also a dream, a perfect dream in its imperfect perfection which is the path we all inquire on, the prayer matt we are all born and die on, dream on, migrate on and then never even touch either!

non duality, also paradoxically real but maybe more real than wisdom and ignorance by its transcendence of all polarised dualities. The silent space of space wherein the supra-subtle magnetic goddess holds Shiva’s electric light in her Yoniverse, within which Logoi-gasmic epiphany, the voice of silence awaits us, each and everyone alike, through the eye of the Bindu, eternal divinity, at some time or other as our ripeness unfolds.

The way today, then, is the same as it ever is, to fit a camel through the eye of a needle; which wisdom and which practices, which paths can I carry on that camel …… questions, questions.

Some precious gems:

Less is more.

Love all, all day long, every day: you are love and that is one fast way to Self realisation.

Become centered in the heart daily and contemplate who you really are.

Consider that you are One and have chosen to split yourself into filaments of light-consciousness in order to have the agency to pursue desire, which in its sport and realisation is but and was always but, a mere refraction of that greater Self you are.

Blessings as we enter into the seasons of stillness. Om Tat Sat Nam

What is Buddhi / Love~Awareness?

Many people have been asking me to explain what ‘Buddhi’ is and as there is such confusion on this subject it warrants an explanation. Saying that, whilst I will say what I mean, this is from my own point of view and the reader is welcome to consider this article or not as her consciousness in guided.

If we consider that there are elemental materials which have composed the universe as we know it and as we will discover latter to more depth. Of these elements, 5 are intimate and immediately recognised and known; earth, water, fire, air and space. These 5 give us our physical body and solid objectivity on our planet, fluids and the vitality of all forms which is contained in the fluids magnetic aspects just like a wet cell battery contains the electric charge. Fire which enlivens and animates the fluid capacity of forms and air which provides both a space for movement of forms as well as the context in which to perceive forms and contemplate the duality which forms differentiate. Then the space element within which these other 4 exist, which carries the sound and light of consciousness and life, or the electrical and magnetic subtle fluids which then charge fire with life in turn charging the magnetism of water with energy.

Then there are further elements which we could consider, by contemplating the Shaivite hierarchy of elements for example. This would constitute another article on the process of bhutashuddhi involved in Laya Yoga or the progressive absorption and purification of elements back to their source and precipitation of elements from source. Here we are concerned to understand what Buddhi is. Buddhi has been defined by splitting the prefix and suffix of the word into ‘Bud’ and ‘Dhi’ were we have ‘Bud’ meaning awakened and ‘Dhi’ meaning concentrated mind, so the awakened mind as Buddha is understood to be an awakened or enlightened one. This does about as much good for our understanding of Buddhi as it would if we studied Buddhist religion today, where Buddhi is not always well understood and often taken to mean ’emptiness, nothingness and void’, all terms which further confuse the mind, hence Koan’s arose in Chan and Zen teaching to allude logic and strike a note of Buddhi into awareness, like a mirror looking at itself.

Buddhi is receptivity itself as it is ‘pure awareness’, but it is not emptiness, it is a complete fullness of being beyond descriptive possibility. It can be a paradoxical insight for novice realisation, but given steady contemplative absorption onto the Buddhic plane, it is fullness of life so densely packed but so totally pure that it is both receptive and fullness, however even if only experientially fills the contemplater with such rapture and love for all it sees / knows / becomes that it is like the fulfilment of life loving itself as Self of myriad selves in simultaneous bliss. The concept of nothingness also does little to help us understand Buddhi. Really we should think no-thing-ness, or non duality or distinction between things; oneness. A oneness which is intimate, subtle, full and potent, not empty or void. Buddhi has also been misunderstood as ‘space’ due to the subtle differentiation between elements further up the ladder of causality. Buddhi is not space, Akasha is space, Buddhi is in space between Akasha Tattva and magnetic fluid, or Shakti Tattva. Buddhi is the effulgence of magnetic fluid as she contains and refracts the light of electrical fluid in her supra subtle maithuna as Shakti with Shiva, even as the non-dual sun shines through space illuminating it.

Many concepts in religion have become habitual memetic rhetoric from their use as initial concepts, such as Buddhi – Buddha – Buddhism. Nirvana is another concept with prevalent misconception. Nirvana means little to most people, other than the nebulous concept of enlightenment. Nirvana is both a state of consciousness and a chakra which is the gate to that plane of consciousness. Nirvana chakra sits in the crown of the head and has also been associated with Soma or the moon ckakra. It is an interface to the Sahasrara system which contains Guru chakra. When we speak of Nirvana, let it be understood that we speak of a chakra, of contemplation at the crown point as a door to the greater field of universal awareness. The ego, or Ahamkaara Tattva controls the entry and exit of this point and it is only through egoic mastery not abnegation that we learn to enter and leave our own condiment though samadhi, hence the allegory and misunderstanding that it is necessary to ‘kill’ the ego. Nirvana from ‘Nir’ to mean exist point and ‘Vana’ subtle sound of one hundred chords. Nirvana is a point matrix exit to the body which is control by subtle sound, the collect chords of the 96 aspects of Ajna or the collective sounds of all other lower chakras plus the secret chord of 4 sounds which unties Sushumna and initiates samadhi.

As this unfoldment happens, Guru chakra is experienced and the progressive development of Guru chakra awakening, purifies and matures its body of consciousness which then precipitates that higher light down into the head chakras to Ajna chakra at the brow. Thence the ignor-ance of light which Ajna is, is dissipated and the innately divine function of the ‘Guru’ is unfolded. When we reach this level of samadhi our group work is then integral because we all are indeed gurus, until that point we are all still trying to grasp the light and tend to fight about which the clearest refraction is. Until mankind reaches the Jupiter sphere, we will still need Gurus or teachers. These concepts are vital in understanding what Buddhi is as they deal with the unfoldment of consciousness which is what Buddhi is.

How can we understand buddhi then? Will the theosophists, so beloved of Buddhi or the pundits of Vedanta be our guides in this? The concept of Buddhi which dominates with many pundits is that of intellect or higher mind. This concept is however fallacious though understandable. When Buddhi, even as it is conscious, precipitates the plane below it, the causal plane of Akasha or space, which we can think of as the higher mental plane it qualifies it with consciousness even as it gives its light of awareness to every plane and body where sentience exists. In those who have some spiritual development, religious aspiration, mental power, there is of course a higher degree of Buddhi at play, hence the premature conclusion that Buddhi is intellect. Buddhi, in and of itself, which is what we seek to define here, is pure awareness, not intellect. It has a more elevated knowing which can be confused with the awareness of the causal body, but it is beyond the concept of the causal bodies as love itself, and knowledge through love is beyond the idea of love or separative concepts. Pundits have often given the former dilution of Buddhi as a definition, even as the grand conjecture of Theosophy have done little more in clarifying clarity itself.

To understand the issue with the definition of Buddhi as intellect let’s consider the triadal nature of samyama. We have concentration, meditation and contemplation or samadhi. In concentration there is effort to hold awareness within the confinement of the object of concentration and of course, a separation of object and subject. It can be thought of as an effort of the personality. In meditation we have a unification of object and subject in that the object and the consciousness which is focus on it have become unified and steady, to some extent and still with a distinction between each. This would be like the causal body or higher intellect knowing something, whereas to know through Buddhi is like contemplation or samadhi in that all distinction between subject and object, knower, knowing and known all dissolve. One has become the object in love, in toto and knowledge just ‘is’. Here however, since we use words, it can be said that the distinction between intellect and Buddhi is profound, and though even as all elements tend toward a mixed soup of aggregates in everyday living, we seek to define only what Buddhi is.

Sri Aurobindo spoke a great length about the supra-mental light of The Divine Mother, which has also been misunderstood and still remains open to much conjecture, discussion and misunderstanding. What is that light to which Aurobindo refers? The initial supra-mental plane, from our station looking up, would be the causal plane of Akasha, which is more like a void and empty space if taken as the ultimate of consciousness, but however does take its light from the Buddhi and the Buddhi being the effulgence of the magnetic fluid which is non other than the universal mother. Certain Buddhist, Tantric, Hermetic and Esoteric schools consider Space or Akasha as the ultimate, the Zenith of consciousness and consider this void, emptiness a divine goddess of deepest black. This contention is however not clearly understood as Akasha or space is not black but violet and is also the vehicle for Buddhi which is the light of Shakti. The problem is an issue of perception.

To look out into ‘space’ as we call it with our physical eyes is like looking at sound with our nose! In order to see space or Akasha we need an eye made of Akasha if not Buddhi or yet finer material. Seen through awakened consciousness, there is no blackness in space, just deep violet and seen at a higher octave still within that vector there is super-luminous Buddhic light, or translucent transparency: consciousness. Why else would the sun shine if not to transmit rays of life, light and heat (love) through the space of the universe. Clearly light reaches us, therefore space is not black, it is full of light. A unawakened consciousness can be tricked by this like a nerve feeling cold when an influence is extremely hot. The supra-mental light then, for us begins in its vehicle of Akasha or space, is however the effulgent light of magnetic fluid or Shakti, The Divine Mother, which shines as Buddhi. These 3 aethers all are supra-mental vehicles, the ultimate light being Shiva’ refraction in Shakti, who makes for us and all creation His ineffable, auspicious, non-dual sublimity knowable through her body. 

That goddess wears a violet robe, but she is light not darkness. Granted she is Maya to our infancy but later she is the same one who shows us our Father as liberatrix. The mother, being magnetic attracts the light of the father, the ParamAatma. The light as we know it, is the mother, the universal feminine. In knowing her we have a triadal implication of space / Akasha, Buddhi and Magnetic Fluid (The Violet Diamond Chakra of The School of Love~Awareness details this triad as it concerns pure consciousness itself and that school is a school of Love Awareness). Aurobindo was correct to say that the light is from the universal mother and it is supra-mental. So, we can locate Buddhi between magnetic fluid, as its very effulgence and within space or Akasha. That Buddhi is an awakened state, or rather is is pure consciousness. Even as magnetic fluid and space exists in omnipresent subtlety so does the Buddhi or omniscient awareness exist in all things.

Buddhi is awareness. Buddhi is the light of the universal mother’s magnetism or love. Buddhi is love awareness. Buddhi is an element just like water or fire or earth, however at a rate of subtle frequency between Akasha aether and magnetic aether. It is substantial and full as Carlos Castenada has discussed in his adventures in consciousness and Samuel Sagan in his epic Atlantean sagas. Buddhi can be known, developed and infused more completely into on bodies of consciousness as they exist now, rendering a fully awakend state beyond anything words can presently describe or the most lucid dream, drug induced trip or virtual reality program could ever match. Buddhi is a perfect pure, pristine, ever new, perpetual virgin consciousness. Through the SLA Violet Diamond Path, one can unfold this element of pure consciousness and apply its capacity to the psychonautic exploration of ones own life and cosmology. Buddhi is a real substance and the material or real-isation, which is a living epistemology and real ontology of knowledge beyond any information, inference, mental conjecture or argument. It is our very consciousness, here and now and everywhere. At The School of Love~Awareness, when we talk about Buddhi or Love~Awareness, rather than just a simple motif of loving awareness as a sensibility to adopt in today’s world because it is good, this awareness is what we mean.

For a more detailed discussion of Buddhi see: ‘The School of Love~Awareness: Toward an Integrally Humane Sociology’…

Integral Friendship and Discernment

Many of my clients, and also friends ask me about misunderstandings they have in their friendships or life in general with others. Some of us, it seems, have experienced misrepresentation, marginalisation and outright mobbing! If it relates to a racial, sexual or sexual orientation issue, we would see the obvious sociological problems not least of which are the legalities of defamation, slander, and such acts of aggression. But when it concerns more subtle areas of life, we are as a global organism, still getting used to the fact that we all contribute our personal integrity and beliefs to the whole social field and are real value or social standing is that integrity, not what others may suggest.

I generally suggest these questions to my friends:

#1 Are those who judge more perfect than you? ”  The people judging you need to have some legitimate authority to do so. Fancying themselves or being egotistically insecure or angry are not legitimate grounds for most rational, well balanced people. If you analyse the credibility, authenticity and integrity of those who judge you for no other reason than malice, then you can quickly see if there are real grounds to contemplate any legitimate motivation those people may have had and also whether you might have caused them to arrive at their course of criticism. If yes, it is down to your strength of character if you choose to grow through the experience of reconciliation, sharing and forgiveness. It does also depend on the other parties integrity to and, if they demonstrate a lack in this area and choose to continue living in anger and resentment then there is not much you can do but bless them and go your way in peace. A famous teacher who was severely judged gave and lived by this advice and despite its simple relevance with the cosmic law of love, it is misunderstood by very many people.

#2Have they walked in your shoes? ”  The people judging you need to have some experience of your path in order to have the authority to judge you. They also need to understand exactly why you do what you do. Take someone who has made a serious effort to achieve something, anything and perhaps due to the negative fashions of others and general memetic repeat patterning of malice and enmity many people sport, it hasn’t quite succeeded in the desired way. Perhaps its been misrepresented and perhaps, as in the first example, people who are less than perfect themselves have teamed up to do what they can to stop it. That’s tough and unfortunately there are so many stories today of imperfect, angry, armchair expert cabals who have far to much free time and resources through which to pester real people. Even though this sort of thing can happen, one should ask themselves whether these judges have or have not walked in your shoes? Again, long ago in place of confusion and enmity a teacher drew a line in the sand and ask all who were perfect to pick up stones and assail their accused as they intended to. None, however could even reach for those stones and crept off like foxes and wolves, grumbling and muttering under their breaths like shop keepers who resent a customer noticing their short change.

#3Are they just a collective unconscious meme of the self policing pop culture? ”  Despite the fact that our planet endures a protracted crisis across all fields, so many people are more than happy to aggregate into clans of cool and fight, in-fight, compete and police the broader sociology with their theories of self expression. So long as one is in that club, whichever one of many socially acceptable organisms and acts with perfect repartee and concordance with the given etiquette for their current standing, then O.K. But if one is not in the club and dares to express ideas which are not understood, new, different, then this can be seen as a threat and a problem and often these people are marginalised and heralded as arrogant beyond forgiveness.

To take a more modern example perhaps, the famous musician ’50 cent’ admits that many people think he’s to arrogant, in fact too arrogant in the extreme. 50 cent explains to us that ‘if they knew what I’d had to go through to be here today they would not mistake my strength and determination for arrogance’. But people do not look through clear space but rather through their filters and hence misperceptions arise. Are those who judge you insecure? Are they afraid of your confidence, strength and determination? Are they just the collective rhetoric of pop culture expressing their fear that you could leave the clan and become a real individual rather than a fashionable meme of their armature? Perhaps. Strong words, arrogant. You decide.

#4Do they have any legitimate ground or are they just haters dressed up in incongruent reasoning and falsified propositions? ”  In today’s world what constitutes good perception is as subjective as you like. Each person or group makes their own rules and tries to shout the other down, even as they’ve seen their political leaders do for so long. Many have given over to the ethos that, today there are no rules because who obeys rules today? The fact that our integrity is the most valuable assert we can possess is of little real value though to those who deal in slander, rumours, defamation and the hegemony of vying power structures. This group of people, one can only pity, like children who confuse themselves into believing all manner of disturbing hallucinations and cause only themselves pain. They live in confusion, believe lies and create bigger lies and bad karma only for themselves.

The question would be simply, are the slandering parties expressing a clear perception or is what they suggest no more than the rhetoric of hate and their own confused version of reality? If so, we can choose to have compassion on their suffering. Buddha once said, those who would attack you are just temporarily insane. Have a sense of compassion for their suffering in that condition of madness, after all they too were once your very own mother and cared for you as their child, even if only as the aggregate of their present elements. Perhaps a more obvious understanding would be that of Napoleon Hill. Hill suggests that people who hate others and slander or defame them, are simply scared of their power. Scared that a potential power may perhaps over power them (to understand this power equation and its causal resolution more fully see the School of Love~Awareness conflict resolution program).

In slandering others we seek to steal some of their power, Hill suggests, in that they may not use it against us. This is tantamount to stealing their reputation and lively hood and is as real a theft as that of any material thing. Hence in our modern world, slander, liable, defamation, etc are indeed ilegalities of warranted foundation which exist in civil society to protect each and every one of us equally, even as we would want to be protected. Many people who perform acts of defamation, etc, are simply confused and unbalanced. There assertions can only be taken as seriously as the quality of their perception and basis of claim.

The sad thing about haters is the damage they end up doing to themselves. Most often, those they try to hate simply get stronger whilst the hater weakens their own integrity at the cost of hate and insodoing lowers themselves even though they seek to lower another. Integrity is a great gift we are all bestowed by life itself. Even a child can understand that the universe around us exists in certain fixed patterns and processes which interrelate and cooperative, etc. That there are innate structures or rules, this is called integrity. We also have the choice, due to our free will, to have integrity by simple things like honesty, keeping our word, doing what we say, adopting certain standards in our work, etc, etc. The choice is ours, but ultimately it is by our own integrity which we win or lose. We can have no effect on others greater than the effect our actions have on our selves. This is the beginning of the path. Pray for your enemies for they suffer more than you, if you have integrity.


Nīlalohita Mani Tantra

One Book Finishes another one begin…. Editing has been completed on the first School of Love~Awareness publication, ‘Toward an Integrally Humane Sociology. Which is available on our main site _www.schoolofloveawareness.com_ Whilst the inevitable post edit editing continues, from the flames and ashes of that project a phoenix rises:

Nīlalohita Mani Tantra (Violet Diamond Tantra) unfolds a path of spiritual tantra which embraces the root of suffering and the apex of liberation in one transcendent yet embodied embrace, making the ineffable formatively immanent within our elemental bodies. The Violet Diamond path unfolds transpersonal contemplative practices which include, Violet Diamond Heart Practice, Violet Diamond Tantra, Violet Diamond Laya tantra and Violet Diamond Space Clearing. In this practical volume these practices, each through 3 levels of integral development are discussed in practical and spiritual terms, with reference to the everyday issues we face as human beings, the transcendent core of our spiritual Self as humanity and in context to the tapestry and continuum of tantra both new and old. Drew has been researching, developing and teaching this Tantra from the super mundane spiritual planes within through to the mundane stage of events for 30 years. Available soon….


Peace begins with each one of us, in the heart

If there is to be peace in the world,

There must be peace in the nations.

If there is to be peace in the nations,

There must be peace in the cities.

If there is to be peace in the cities,

There must be peace between neighbors.

If there is to be peace between neighbors,

There must be peace in the home.

If there is to be peace in the home,

There must be peace in the heart.

– Lao Tzu

Peace can only begin if we choose to value peace. It starts with each and everyone of us, in our hearts, not in our governments. We are the ones who are free to make that choice, every day. We are the ones who can take responsibility to cultivate integrity and community. We are the ones we need to support. It begins and ends with us and involves us.

The world crisis will not be solved with sticks and stones any more than one great war is needed to end all wars. The crisis requires another solution. It requires our humanity.

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Peace begins with us!

Why do we hate so much?

One looks around the world today and sadly there is more hate than love. Why is that? What drives us to hate others? The answer as usual is love and the answer is within.

If we do not care for our own self then we will treat other people accordingly to that standard we set for ourselves. Its a very simple equation. If we fall out of love with ourselves we become broken and angry and in turn express that frustration toward others. The reality of this problem, however simple, is sadly so prevalent in our world today due to the proliferation of the idea of self hate in so many subtle ways through media, and the inference that it is ‘cool’, normal, trendy, etc, to treat ourselves in certain ways which are actually not healthy and in turn treat others the same way.

It would not hurt us to turn off the television of Internet once in a while and look within our own hearts for meaning and take stock of our inner life rather than chasing virtual phantoms. Few of us do this though and our usual complaint is that we just don’t have the time. This is another lie of course which we tell ourselves in order not to face the truth that our castles are built of sand and the labels on our cloths mean essentially nothing. Of course we have the time, the question is do we have the ego to choose love? And if we do, can we face the simple truth that it starts with us. As the late and great Mr. Jackson said, ‘I am starting with the man in the mirror’ and thats as simple as it is, we need to address ourselves where we are today and begin at that point. Every journey starts with one step, but its better to be on that journey than standing still.

If we fail to heal our inner relationship with love and move toward greater degrees of self hate we will tend toward legitimising our hatred of others. If we look into the world today it is clear that there are those who have gone to extremes in this sense of self hated legitimising inhuman levels of predation upon others. It is sad to see the human species acting in more murderous and contemptuous ways than dogs or rats, and it all starts with self hate. Love starts with self love.

Check out the range of down-loadable MP3 meditation, especially ‘Inner Child Soul Healing’ on the meditation page or go to our main site for more information on the philosophy of Love~Awareness.

The war of all against all

The war of all against all is a war of ego against ego….but what is that? Is the ego bad, is it a mistake, why must it fight? The ego itself is nothing but the ability to focus, like the aperture of a camera it focuses on and identifies with whatever is in the field of its vision. The ego is not bad or a mistake, what’s at issue is our mistaken use of it. If we allow ourselves to identify with me and mine, we crystallise the fear upon which the war of all against all is based.

It is a war of choice and if we ‘choose’ we can create peace, but we must choose. It is the ego itself which chooses love. Only the ego can choose love. It is an egoistic statement to choose love not war, whereas it is a wanton and unconscious act to choose the default line of least resistance in the me and mine scenario.

The ego is not bad, it is our understanding of what it is. If we don’t use it then it will continue to use us and we will blame it and call it bad even though we let it control our lives. If we use it consciously, through developing its skills of focus through the practice of meditation, then we will gain a mastery of the ego, of ourselves and in so doing be able to choose love rather than war. The ego is both the problem and the solution. We live in an age of ego because it is the lesson we need to learn and are learning rather slowly, unconsciously and at greater expense.

Through the practice of meditation we can gain control of our ability to focus, to identify and dis-identify, to love and share. Through the science of meditation these and other capacities unfold naturally, but through the practice of Atma Surya and Atma Prema -soul connection meditation and causal conflict resolution practices- of The School of Love~Awareness, the ego uses specific transpersonal structures of Self realisation, loving and sharing, whilst developing its latent abilities. But how many of us will have the arrogance and ego to choose such a practice?! That will be the question. How much easier it is for the ego to choose to polarise itself religiously in juxtaposition to other religious egos, and justify its wars as somehow holy, or to engage in any one of many new age groups which have become as religious as religions.

If we can identify and dis-identify, witness as well as be engaged in love, then maybe we can become collectively human rather than religiously divided. If we can understand the core of our fears, including our fear to know, think, speak and choose the truth, then maybe more of us will choose love rather than the religious dogma of spiritual facades bereft of human soul. This remains to be seen and can be seen very clearly for those honest enough to care, in the statistics of how those of us in the privileged areas spend our time and resources on entertainment, elitism, neglect and folly, rather than the arrogance of choosing love. It is not the ego which is a problem, it is our lack of ego. Only the weak pursue agendas of fear, for the strong such things are not necessary. If we could strengthen our egos and choose love, we would end war.

To Learn Atma Surya and Atma Prema meditation, and others, see MP3 downloads

Love Awareness is The Answer to The World Crisis


The thief left it there

There in the window

The shining moon


                                                                                            -Ryokan, Zen Master.

In the current world crisis, the pace of change is so fast that heads spin. Committees are formed and networks fashioned with algorithmic supra speeds. But will this help if there is no improvement in the level of awareness with which we ‘all’ allowed the problems of today’s world to unfold?

Ryokan, returning to his simple hut one night, found that a thief had broken in, through the unlocked door and stolen, his simple bowl. Seeing the moon and its fullness punctuating the fullness of nature and her gift, he wrote these simple lines to express the nonsense constituted of a lack of awareness. It, this world, this life, is a great gift, but without awareness, we can run like mad drunken fools, missing the point and stealing that which has already been given for free. (no reference whatsoever to the London riots intended)

Awareness is a door. A door of perception. We can enter a world of plenty, of perfect benevolent design, of beauty replete with all the resources we need to live beyond even contentment. Or we can wait on the threshold, facing the other direction and miss the point.

This world is perfect, but in our free will and self determination, we have allowed / created a crisis.

We, through our thoughts and perceptions have created this.

The world we exist in today is a result of the thoughts of yesterday. Every one of us gives to the fabric of our collective consciousness which superimposes our human world upon an already perfect system. If we want to create real change, and change for the better, then we had better change the quality of thought and perception with which we led ourselves to the current impasse.

Awareness must become a part of the equation, a part of our practice. We must learn to listen more than mimetically concede and follow pop psychologies inferred algorithmic rhetoric.

Awareness is the vehicle through which we can perceive the real solution.

There is always change in a world whose nature is change. Nations rise and fall, histories are written and re-written. But real change begins with real awareness. The question then, what is awareness?


What makes a community a community?

Is it the permaculture or the solar power, the adobe and straw-bale building or the magnet motor vehicle and singing, and or …… As important and wonderful as all that is and has to be, there is something else, something more. Isn’t there?

Consider science, so many advancements and discoveries, most of which are undisclosed, but what of the science of mankind, the science of the soul?

A community with an optimised harmony with nature needs an integral understanding with the nature of mankind, doesn’t it?

If a co-mmunion then a communion of human being….so what is the nature of man and his cosmology? Is this a real question for community? If lines of realisation were unfolded would that revelation enhance or even complete other aspects like the relationship with nature, through permaculture for example… this aspect a facet of a more integral permaculture by the organic distillation of man into organic culture?


Integral communication within the self / Self communicates then to others and unfolds communion.